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Electrical and Natural Gas Service

Line workElectrical Service
The City of Newton has been providing Electrical power since 1941 and currently serves 1100 meters.
The City has made major upgrades to the system,  converting the system to a single voltage, a complete rebuild after Hurricane Rita in 2005 and installation of Main Line workautomated drive by meter reading system. Through these improvements and others, the City of Newton has been able to keep the Electrical rates affordable for its citizens.

Natural Gas Service
The City of Newton began servicing its citizens with Natural Gas Service in 1949, and now provides services to just over 700 customers. The natural gas system has undergone major.
Over the last 14 years the City of Newton Gas personnel have installed over 7 miles of poly gas pipe and has lowered the unaccounted for gas from over 14% in the late 1980's to under 3%, The dedication of the city employees and the efficiency of the system has enabled the City to keep the cost of natural gas competitive.


Line workThe City Council of the Town of Newton started discussion on the construction of a Electrical Power system in 1940 and at the regular meeting on February 15 , 1941 an election was held to authorize the issuance of $75,000 in revenue bonds to acquire and improve and Electric Light and Power System. February 20, 1941 the election was canvassed with 102 votes cast all in favor. On February 27th 1941 the City Council passed a resolution employing Albert C. Moore and Company, consulting engineers of San Antonio, Texas as engineers for the Town of Newton, Texas in connection with the establishment of Municipal Electrical Lighting and Power System. Plans were approved for the electric distribution system and diesel electric generating plant on March 24, 1941. A contract was signed with Universal Electric Construction Company for 64,980.33 for the construction and installation of the Electric Power Plant and distribution system. Noted in the bid specification for the electrical distribution and generating plant that prevailing rate of wage which had been established by the owner was as follows: Skilled Labor .80 cents per hour, Semi-skilled labor or .45 cents per hour and unskilled labor .30 cents per hour. 
         On March 23, 1942 the town of Newton accepted the Electric Light and Power generating plant and distribution system for operation and purchased the General Light and Power Company. But by September 18, 1946 with growing need for electrical service the Mayor and secretary were authorized to execute a contract with Gulf States Utilities Co. for the purchase of Electrical power. At the March 20, 1950 City Council meeting the Mayor and Council approved a 5 year contract with Gulf States Utilities Company, beginning April 1, 1950 for the delivery of electric power to the City of Newton Municipal Power Distribution System. 

           On August 7, 1947 the city council discussed making an effort to get natural gas for the City of Newton. The Mayor was authorized to negotiate with Garrett Engineering Co. of Houston Texas to seek a commitment to purchase natural gas at wholesale prices for the City of Newton. Feb 4, 1948: Mayor Stringer introduced a motion to sell 80,000 revenue bonds to install gas system in the City of Newton. An election held on Feb 28,1948, Voting 114 for 0 Against the city proceeded with plans for construction. After researching the cost for construction of the gas system it was determined that the gas system could not be installed for 80,000 and a new bond election was order on April 17, 1948 on a 100,000 bond. 54 votes for  0 against. June 15, 1948 an ordinance prescribing rates to be charged by the City of Newton Natural Gas Service at 1.50 min charge and .80 per mcf for first 4200 cu feet.